Mission Statement

In 1996 we devised our mission and our quality police for the first time. In order to secure the success of our company today and in future times, we base our activities on two core values:

Help each other
by mutual respectful treatment

Act in an environmentally conscious manner
by treating our fellow humans and the environment responsibly.

We have committed ourselves to the following principles:

Customers shall be satisfied by our flawless products and our good performance.
We inform our customer about our quality and environmental policy. Satisfied customers mean to us: we focus ourselves at their requirements. We want our customers to be convinced of our performance. We want to inspire them.

Market leadership in our core business is to be kept by constant improvement of all company sectors. We permanently want to be a step ahead of our competitors being the market leader. We concentrate on systematic prevention of flaws and errors. We are striving to eliminate waste and improve all Corporate processes. There is nothing that cannot be improved.

Suppliers as Partners Our suppliers are aware of our quality and environment requirements and they fulfil them. We work in partnership with our suppliers.

Long-term economic success through our Quality and Environment Policy Quality and Environment Policy play a mutually supportive role. Quality defines our growth and our long-term company success.

Quality conscious colleagues We all are responsible for the quality of our work. We reach our common goals in good cooperation, as motivated committed and qualified employees. Each and everyone are asked to improve and maintain the quality as well as the environmental efficiency of our work..



We are evolving!

Medical devices: Certification according to ISO 13485

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